Terry Ritzman

I am a physical anthropologist interested in the comparative anatomy of the skull in primates as it relates to human evolution. My training (at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change and the Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University) emphasized paleoanthropological method and theory, primate and human anatomy, primate growth and development, skeletal biology and biomechanics, and multivariate statistical methods. 

I employ the comparative method and direct studies of fossil hominins to make inferences regarding the evolutionary processes that operated during the course of human evolution, as well as the patterns, documented by the fossil record, that were produced by these processes.

As an assistant professor in the Washington University School of Medicine, I serve as part of the teaching faculty of the gross anatomy course for first year medical students at the Washington University School of Medicine. I am also continuing my research program relating to the evolution of the skull and brain in the hominin lineage.